Sunday, June 21, 2009

we are family

tajuk tu mcm bunyi satu lagu je kan.....
so last week i went to a wedding with my parents. the wedding held at Kg Salak Gemencheh NS. mother of the groom is my father's cousin. back to my childhood. sweet wedding and in kampung style.the food also yummeh because i'm sure it was cooked using a woodfire. the smell hmmmm....mmg best. when we reached there, tgh berarak.since i'm eating time berarak so there's no pic snap. siap silat segala.mmg best kenduri kat kampung ni.

mmg best la tgk kenduri ni but one thing that i'm quite upset is with the groom's sibling.they act like they don't know about us at all. sombongnya anda. offense. tapi it's to much k. back to my childhood we spend sometimes together. i can still remember what we played together especially with the groom because our age is more or less the same. takkan la memori tu dah delete terus.tetamu dtg jauh2 untuk meraikan hari bahagia anda, tapi boleh buat tak kenal jek. hai takkan ade problem dgn disk memory.sepatutnye at least bile lalu lalang tu senyum2 la.nukan org nak awk hidangkan ke ape.tapi tegur2 la.i'm still remember them how come they couldn't recognize us at all.

so pesanan penaja........ jangan jadi kacang lupekan kulit.

don't judge a book by its cover.

coz sometimes they are more than what u think.....

he is coming back

he is coming back

wink wink wink

but i dunno where he is rite now

men.......why that you're all so complicated????

Monday, June 15, 2009

tarikh la tarikh

popeye is the eldest in his family while i'm the youngest. so you can expect how my wedding will be. i can feel the heat rite now. even i already save the date but there's so many conflict arise.
before this we have decided to combine our reception since our house in the same area plus my fiance do not have ample time to make a preparation. if we merge it more or less i can help him regarding the reception.
then we set the date. both parties are agreed but suddenly his parents said. no...this is the first time so they wanna do it at their home. i'm also ok with that but kinda uncomfortable with the way my future PIL discuss it. it seem like i'm the mastermind while their son juz follow what i want.i'm a queen control la kot.for me it is better to it at my house is more intimate and happening.nape plak nak wat kat dewan if my parent's house is better place.i just wanna help my fiance to reduce his burden.ok ok....jgn berkira sgt.i try my best not being so fragile.
but when i told my know the answer rite. so i donno.until he get home then i can tell where is the venue will be. yang penting aku nikah hari Krismas tu.okels....
my brother plak satu lagi hal.bangcik ni dah bertunang lame tau.EMPAT TAHUN ye.sangat lame dan berkarat sudah...biler nengok his only little sista getting married he also feel the sudden to get married.waaaa sangat malas nak sanding berempat.kene share pelamin la.....but please don't be so selfish la dear.okeh proceed la sanding berempat.(ade syarat gak.klu me and fiance wat kenduri asing2 la.ater klu sumer nak combine jadi kenduri 3 in 1 la jawabnye)
satu lagi plak my sista kat bumi kenyalang tu dah sibuk.dier nak book ticket for raya, my wedding, tapi tatau la nak jawab.
the condition is like this:
if me and fiance combine reception.bangcik will get married earlier,different event.
if me and fiance doin own different reception, me and bangcik will have the same reception

to confirm all of these i have to wait until my fiance get home which is the soonest is early next month.

kepada mak ayah, mak abah, bangcik and akak.....harap bersabar ye
mei akan cube konfemkan secepat yang mungkin.



tgk di sebelah yek.

ade perubahan telah berlaku dalam blog ni.hehehehe.....

ade kemajuan nampaknye.

'its' nearer......i juz can't wait.lalalalalalala